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A Series of Coincidences

So I went to hear this punk band, Dead Moon, from Portland, OR one Saturday at this swank space, Pioneer Works, in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Dead Moon are a great example of a DIY (Do It Yourself) band as they cut their own records on the lathe that cut The Kingsmens version of ‘Louie, Louie’. With this in mind, I brought some copies of my LP, At The Start / At Long Last, with the intention of giving a copy to them. I consider my album to be DIY due to the fact that James Beaudreau and I recorded it in his apartment in Manhattan (it was mastered for digital and vinyl at Strange Weather in Brooklyn by the skillful Alex DeTurk). On my way to the bathroom I saw Sadie Dupuis from the excellent band Speedy Ortiz….I think I blogged about their album Major Arcana a while ago….maybe part of a year end list I made? I mentioned them here https://philiplynchmusic.com/2013/08/30/luna/
Anyways I said, “Hey I love your records!” She said, “Thanks!”. I said, “Maybe you want mine? Oh but how are you going to carry it?” She took it and said, “Thanks, I’m Sadie”. I said, “Hey, I’m Philip. Take it easy!”. Flash forward a week or so I’m playing an open mic when a guy overhears me talking about giving Sadie a copy of my LP. Turns out he’s a friend of hers! They taught guitar/music together at a summer camp and they’re from the same neighborhood. So Speedy Ortiz perform as part of the NYC River Rocks free shows at Pier 84. I go to check them out (I hadn’t seen them since they had a shift in personnel, new lead guitarist). Sounded pretty good (outdoor sound is really difficult). It rained for the last coupla songs so I hightailed it off the pier after their set. Flash forward another week. I play a solo set at An Beal Bocht, a favorite spot in the Bronx, my friend Jackie comes to hear the set. We sit at the bar afterwards catching up. She has a gig working at a summer camp upstate. She asks me if I’ve heard Speedy Ortiz!! Because they performed at the summer camp she was working and she met Sadie (who was really cool). hahahahahahaha small world yo!!
Thanks dear readers! Til next time, keep your ears to the ground, your nose to the wind and eyes to the sky!


Strange Weather (Mastering!!)


This is the control booth of the studio, Strange Weather in Williamsburg (for booking information please contact them at: booking@strangeweatherbrooklyn.com, 347-422-6419) where Alex DeTurk (Mastering) James Beaudreau (Producer) and I worked on the album this past Sunday. The room stirs the imagination. I’ve always loved the cosmos whether in fact or fantasy and this control room was like being in a special sound spaceship. My lay-person understanding of mastering is that the audio engineer sets levels of the tracks to sound equal with each other, adjusts the space between tracks, addresses sequencing, fade-ins and outs and sweetens the overall sound. After 8 years of working on the album this was it. The studio is amazing, clean, outfitted with modern equipment, vintage equipment, and beautiful wood floors. When I initially stepped into the performance space (see below) on impulse I clapped once with force and the sound was incredible, very controlled…no echo but a response from the sides of the room and nothing from above. Fascinating. It’s run by Marc Alan Goodman and Daniel Schlett.


This is the Studer we ran the digital files through.


The listening and decision-making was intense. Alex worked quickly and accurately, he has innate musical instincts as does James. The key to making something really great is to find people who are better than you to work with! These gentlemen elevated the songs beautifully.


It sounds great and we can’t wait for you all to hear it!!!