Strange Weather (Mastering!!)


This is the control booth of the studio, Strange Weather in Williamsburg (for booking information please contact them at:, 347-422-6419) where Alex DeTurk (Mastering) James Beaudreau (Producer) and I worked on the album this past Sunday. The room stirs the imagination. I’ve always loved the cosmos whether in fact or fantasy and this control room was like being in a special sound spaceship. My lay-person understanding of mastering is that the audio engineer sets levels of the tracks to sound equal with each other, adjusts the space between tracks, addresses sequencing, fade-ins and outs and sweetens the overall sound. After 8 years of working on the album this was it. The studio is amazing, clean, outfitted with modern equipment, vintage equipment, and beautiful wood floors. When I initially stepped into the performance space (see below) on impulse I clapped once with force and the sound was incredible, very controlled…no echo but a response from the sides of the room and nothing from above. Fascinating. It’s run by Marc Alan Goodman and Daniel Schlett.


This is the Studer we ran the digital files through.


The listening and decision-making was intense. Alex worked quickly and accurately, he has innate musical instincts as does James. The key to making something really great is to find people who are better than you to work with! These gentlemen elevated the songs beautifully.


It sounds great and we can’t wait for you all to hear it!!!


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