Where oh where to find the new stuff???

I read an article in last weekends’ Sunday Times entitled ‘When Music Was Strange’ http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/11/opinion/sunday/when-music-was-strange.html?src=rechp . If you’re not interested in reading it, in brief, it’s a good nostalgic tour of how the author was introduced to new/different music. It’s people!! So on the precipice of releasing the Philip Lynch album, At The Start/At Long Last, I wonder how it will be received and how it will travel? Who will pass it to whom? What service will link it to what other artist? (Pandora I’m lookin’ at you!) Which radio DJ will love it and try to spin a track often? Vin Scelsa, Russ Boris, WBAI,KEXP, KCRW, WXPN, WFUV, WDST,WMEB, WCOM, WMPG, WRSI, KNBA, KCPR, KBOO, KXCI, KHUM,KDNK, KRCC, KDUM, KXBC, WYSO, KUNI, KCMP, WNRN, WNCS, WDET, WPKN, WECI, WEFT a li’l help?? I still believe in radio as a great source for hearing new material. The internet is a useful tool for reading reviews and investigating new material but it’s not the same as going to hear a band you really like and the opening act is great too and spurs further investigation. Another place is in a record store like Other Music, 15 East 4th St NYC or Luna 5202 College Ave. Indianapolis…as you wander from Jazz to Pop to Classical from new to used sections you’ll have a good chance of hearing some interesting music. That’s how I first heard Bill Fay’s album, ‘From The Bottom of An Old Grandfather Clock’ at Kim’s old location. In short, when the time comes for the release of “At The Start…At Long Last…” I will call upon you dear readers to listen, enjoy, and most importantly share!!
Have a great week all! -p


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