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Hello and good day dear readers! Thanks for tuning in. Sorry I’m a day late here. So this album (I came up with a title!!…that’s not the title, I’m keeping it under wraps for now) James Beaudreau and I have been working on is getting closer to being finished. The question throughout the ages for all kinds of exploits; building, designing, cooking, painting, recording, living etc. is how are we going to pay for this?? There are a number of web services nowadays which host artists looking for funding. They call ’em funding platforms for creative projects. Pledgemusic, kickstarter, and IndieGoGo are some examples of probably the best known. Pledgemusic has a ton of projects on their site and at first I was thinking, well these are all musicians sort of at my level but then I saw that Wayne Shorter has a page for a documentary someone is making about him! There’s Juliana Hatfield. Oh and Greg Klyma (who’s a guy I met at PostCrypt, an all acoustic open mic on Columbia’s campus). http://klyma.com/
My friend, Nicole Hale, launched an excellent (and I think successful) funding campaign on kickstarter, I kicked in. http://nicolehalemusic.com/
A dearly departed neighborhood luminary artist, Will (Will Teez) Alicea, launched a campaign to help with medical expenses on Indiegogo which I chipped in. So in other words, there are many uses and levels represented here. Often the person who gives money to a particular project will get a special reward (added incentive to become involved). For instance, yesterday one of my favorite bands, Quasi, leaked a track on-line in advance of their October double-album release and offered treats for those who pre-order. I’ll be getting a hand-printed t-shirt and a ‘zine and the album, yah! Now that’s not the same as the fan-funding I’m talking about but I’m just so psyched about this release that I had to share! heh
Seriously…how bad-ass is this track? http://pitchfork.com/news/51411-quasi-announce-new-album-mole-city-share-you-can-stay-but-you-got-to-go/

There is something in me which doesn’t necessarily prevent me from doing something like pledgemusic or kickstarter but I’m given pause….is it pride? I don’t want to owe anyone anything, I want to get away clean. Is it defensiveness? If I don’t make the amount I need then that reflects negatively upon the songs. Is this like begging? No, not like begging because those who chip in get an album or a credit or something back. Is it downright stubbornness? This is how I want it to be and that’s that. Maybe it’s a combination of things and not really worth examining…although most things bear closer inspection. The Medici’s (Famiglia de Medici) were great patrons of art, this would be like having a patron or, rather, a bunch of patrons. Why is it that the creative folks really don’t have a whole ton of money and are often reliant on those who do? It’s always been that way. Oh well. I recently saw a video on-line of the artist Amanda Palmer (formerly of the punk band Dresden Dolls) give a talk at a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference about the art of asking and it started with her street performing days on through to having her fans fund her current album. She’s a known, established musician so it makes sense that she has support from fan-base which undoubtedly took years to establish.

Making art and/or music doesn’t cost much but getting it recorded and getting it out there does. I’m not sure how I’m going to go about it but I surely will get it done. James has put in so much great work and the songs themselves deserve to be heard. Stay tuned!
As always thanks for dropping by and have great listens this week!
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