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Spiritual Resonance

So much important art has been created in the name of the lord (by commission or inspiration), so much important music has been made in the name of the lord (by commission or inspiration) so many people have been moved by the name of the lord that, though I have no allegiance to religion in general, the creations as a result of religion (be it commission or inspiration) yield results. Recently my friend/producer James Beaudreau posted on his excellent site GreatRecordings.com a Donny Hathaway album which actually brought me to religion. True Soul Music. Now those who have been following the thread know that I’ve fallen in love with the gospel of the Tompkins Square release of Nashboro,”I Hear The Angels Singing’. Hathaway, for me, brings jazz, blues and gospel together in such a balanced, even way that he belongs in the company of James Brown, for soul and Marvin Gaye for social, political content. As a collector I find my collection has been sorely lacking Donny Hathaway. Via Great Recordings I give you “Everything is Everything”