LIVE Tracks!!

Happy new year all!! Here are a couple of live tracks from The Philip Lynch Band gig at Piano’s Showroom, 154 Ludlow Street, December 23rd 2014. James put together a great mix from the board and a couple of room mics. Wolf (the sound guy) did a great job with the set up and recording and we love how we sound in this room. If you play Piano’s and Wolf is your sound guy, take care of him, he wants things to sound the best they can. For the first time the monitor in front of me was actually a helpful reference without being a nuisance. James Beaudreau (lead guitar), Ben Kraus (bass) and Rich Drouin (drums) these guys don’t mess around. Check it out yo!! The songs are, ‘Breathing’ which is on the LP, At The Start / At Long Last available here:
The other track is ‘Budge’ which didn’t make it onto the album….but here it is live!!

And if you dig that we’re playing next on January 21st 2015 @ Cakeshop 152 Ludlow Street 10PM $8 cover


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  1. RIGHTEOUS, brother! Thanks for providing some rockin’ songs to kick in the New Year and inspire yet another mini dance party here at Munsee Court. (Oliver recognized “Breathing” from the first note.) Intense singing, tight band, amazing guitar solos….

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