Live, solo, at CHoGA 145 Bleeker St.

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of joining host and hostess, Ed and Greta Tristram, for their Songs of Greenwich Village series. Once a month they have an open mic and then 3 feature performer sets about 25 minutes apiece. Sean Daly and Peter Galperin also played and they were great! Songs of Greenwich Village next show is July 3rd be sure to check it out!!
I’ve been playing solo gigs and open mics for years but this Thursday I had a mind-blowing rehearsal with James Beaudreau on lead guitar, Ben Kraus on bass and (new edition) Rich Drouin on drums. I have never played with a drummer for more than one or two songs so this was quite an experience. Cohesive energy. Sharing time. It just brought the sounds of ‘At The Start…At Long Last…’ together. But just so the solo thing is not forgotten, check it out:



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  1. We always love listening to Philip’s songs. Oliver said “the music is beautiful,” (and he wrote his classic song: Duck, Duck, Duck, Go to the Water (a happy/sad song) right after hearing this performance)….and Milo said, “Uncle Philip’s fast song (“Just like breathing”) is like the voice of lightning without the thunder. ” And I say, “these songs are breathing, moving, distinctive, and human–” At least 5 of Philip’s songs surface in my mind regularly–(I loved this particular version of “Love to the Battle” which softens agonizingly in sections) ….The whole family is currently playing assorted guitars, ukeleles, keyboards, and drums after hearing these songs….We’re so excited for the upcoming album! In short, YAY, DUDE!

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