Hero vs. Monster!

For some reason every time I’ve had an exchange with anyone about Valentines day this year my brain says Halloween, weird eh? In the spirit of my dyslexic brain and Valentines Halloween I present two AWESOME tracks of Halloween proportion (the Valentines part is that I love them both hahahaha). Black Sabbath released the awesome ‘Iron Man’ from their album Paranoid in 1970. Such great classic heavy metal riffage ahh my face is melting!! Iron Man is not the hero we expect him to be in this tune….in fact he is a scary, bad dude. You can check out the lyrics here:

Blue Oyster Cult released their intense monster track, ‘Godzilla’ in 1977 on their album Spectres. Check out this live version (rock with props):

Love is all you need!

Calling all lovers and lonelyhearts, c’mon out tonight!! xo -p

Pianos 14th


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