The Breeders AND Speedy Ortiz!!!

I went to hear the Breeders play the entirety of their album ‘Last Splash’ for it’s 20 year anniversary at Webster Hall on December 19th. I read somewhere that Speedy Ortiz would be opening for them the night after and I was bummed as their album, ‘Major Arcana’, is one of my favorites this year (not sure I’ll be able to fit a year-end list in seeing as the year ends in a coupla hours or so). I was also under the impression that The Breeders would be playing their album ‘Pod’ on the following night, I’d surely miss some great tunes from that album. Turns out everything went my way that night!! A. Speedy Ortiz opened!! and B. The Breeders played BOTH albums!! I went to take a gander at the Merch table (CDs,LPs, t-shirts) I have been collecting various t-shirts over the years. I see buying a t-shirt at a show mostly as a means of support for the band. I’m generally not big on advertising. I suspect bands nowadays make their money touring and selling stuff. I guess I want to believe it’s possible for musicians to make their way in the world without having to rely on a day job heh. The Speedy Ortiz shirts were on their way from Brooklyn ahhhh fresh ink. This was my first time hearing both bands live. I wished the audience were as enthusiastic about Speedy Ortiz as I was. They’ve made some great pop punk songs, really catchy melodies and hard felt to boot. An older dude next to me was audibly complaining to himself as Sadie Dupuis (lead singer/guitarist) and company tuned between songs…it didn’t take them long to tune and they only did it maybe 3 times. It felt like some sort of patriarchal assertion, weird. The configuration of both bands was interesting to me….they had the bass player center-stage, lead singer off to stage right, guitarist to the left and the drummer in the back. The other guitarist in Speedy Ortiz is intense, full bent, almost playing on the ground. The bass player was stereotypically stoic and grounding. Catch Speedy Ortiz in 2014 if you can…I think they’re playing Irving plaza January 22nd.
Now I hate this expression but I’m going to use it nonetheless as I feel I’m running short on time…Kim and Kelley Deal have aged remarkably well. They played ‘Last Splash’ and ‘Pod’ live with all of the quirks on the albums which make them so special. I was awed at not only their faithfulness to the recordings in paying homage to their 20year anniversary but their energy on stage was amazing. Kim Deal emanates good vibes. Period. She just does. It’s an undefinable characteristic. I’m a complete stranger and hope the best for her for no good reason other than those good vibes have to be in the world. Kelley seemed to be having such fun but in a more internalized fashion (a little smile to herself). I’m so glad/lucky to have caught these two amazing bands. I hope there was some passing of the torch from The Breeders to Speedy Ortiz… but one never knows what goes on behind the scenes. Here are some pictures and the Brooklyn Vegan recap:

So look people, if you’ve been reading this blog, thanks a whole helluva lot and let’s have a kickass new year!
The Philip Lynch album is going to be finished in 2014!
Next up I’ll be playing with Ben Kraus on bass at Piano’s Upstairs 158 Ludlow Street NYC @ 8PM Friday, January 3rd, 2014 Free (now it’s going to be cold that night but I’ve heard new yorkers are tough)


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