Wow I went to a great show last night! Ida Maria played the Mercury Lounge on the lower east side. A small venue for such a big star. I know, I know many of you may not have heard of Ida Maria but believe me she’s a big star. Her songs are emotionally honest and sometimes raw to the point of breaking. No matter how far you push an idea or a story, if your songs are coming from a genuine place they fly! Her set was magnificently paced. Her tophat had a giant beautiful red feather. The band was tight. Ida on guitar, a lead guitarist, bassist, drummer, and a backup singer. The first song I ever heard of hers was the hit, “Oh my god”. I ran out and got her album, “Fortress Around My Heart”, tout de suite (Lynch highly recommends heh) I’ve been a fan since. This was my first time seeing her live. Support live music people!!

Ida kicked off the set with “Queen of The World”

I had a couple of drinks down the way at Parkside Lounge, great venue/bar, before the show. Aretha Franklin was on the jukebox and it made me think how tough it is for women in male dominated fields. I was also a little apprehensive….what if Ida’s not good live? Those worries were laid to rest with the first song. She has great stage presence and a beautiful voice which she’s unafraid to push into some rougher, darker territory. Apropos of nothing, she apparently has synesthesia. In her case she envisions colors when she hears music and would make songs with color palettes, how cool is that?
I spoke with her cousin (who sang back up) a little bit after the show and they’re playing tonight at Rough Trade in Brooklyn @ 8PM you’d be wise to catch them! You will not be disappointed.

I leave you with this one –

Oh P.S. I’m playing Sunday December 8th (so is the excellent Rob McMahon) at An Beal Bocht 445 West 238th Street (at Greystone Avenue) 7:30PM Ben Kraus on bass again so c’mon out, it’s a real treat!!


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