Had Radiohead heard Tronics?

I am frequently listening forwards and backwards i.e. new tunes to me today from today and new tunes to me from yesteryear. Lately I’ve been digging Speedy Ortiz new album ‘Major Arcana’ and Tronics old album ‘Love Backed By Force’. As time goes on musical relationships real and imagined form in my cranium. Today I will explore an association I made between a Tronics track and a Radiohead track. Both are British bands. Tronics was active between 1979 – 1984 Radiohead from 1993 – present day. So I had been listening to Love Backed By Force a lot and the track that made my ears turn inwards to my brain and pick out a Radiohead track was L.B.B.F. Reprise. It has a dreamy and yet rock edge slow burn like a Radiohead track, but which one? Here:

I was pretty sure whatever the Radiohead track was it was on O.K. Computer. Aha! Found it!! Here:

Now what does this serve? So what? There are songs like other songs and yeah writers take from the past make it their own and progress forward as best they can. I think it’s important to find relations and make connections in the tapestry of time in part to relate, aid communication, and recognize that every maker and made thing has its day i.e. to not lose hope and to not feel isolated.

Tis a brief one folks but you know what? I think I’ve made my point (if I haven’t, feel free to let me know)
Have great listens! -p


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