Hello and hope you’re not buried in snow!

I play out with a fair amount of frequency, usually at open mics but sometimes a full hour set. This past week I played full sets at Bowery Electric and Nightingale Lounge. This coming Saturday Feb. 16 @ 3PM I’ll be playing a full set at National Underground (Archie goes on at 2PM). I know a gang of fellow performers who are supportive and talented. We’ve enjoyed each others company and songs. I have, however, sometimes felt the strange pull of “hey, I came to your gig, why didn’t you come to mine?”. Well, why does this exist? Why would I want someone to come to a gig just to fill the space….most of my musician-friends have already heard me, they know what I do. I surely wouldn’t want someone to come to a gig just in order to have me feel obliged to reciprocate. My friends have come to gigs regardless of the reciprocation question (I hope) but more in the name of support. We support each other based on mutual respect and interest in each others process and songs. But we also understand that the ultimate audience would consist of not only musicians but all types of people. Some styles have more selective audiences than others….I don’t think the Beiber crowd would necessarily be down with my tunes for instance. I’ve also felt a twinge of guilt having missed a friends performance. Guilt is useless feeling and moreover it sucks if that’s what motivates you. not.good.vibes. Plus people have lives, things come up and sometimes the brain needs different food than music. I think this desire to have an audience, share songs shouldn’t involve emotional bribery. So basically as long as we respect and support each others endeavors we don’t necessarily ‘owe’ each other anything. Thanks, dear reader, for tuning in (heh, music-blog….tuning?) brutal Lynch just say, see ya next time. See ya next time!! -p


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