The Mystery of Kev Feazey

So James and I have been working on the album in isolation (with the exception of a very large lovable soft soft grey cat, Maggie) for about 5 years. Many world events and personal events have  transpired, seasons have changed and the world still turns within a donut-shaped universe (go figure). James has been digging this guy,, check out ‘nightbus’ sounds sort of like a radiohead tune, for his playing, social media acumen and the sound of his recordings. James suggested that perhaps it’s time to let someone else lend an ear to the tunes and why not the guy who worked with Matt Stevens…Kev Feazey. Hm, cool name. Well yeah why not? Now the tune we decided to pass on to Kev, Budge, was recently recorded and needed mixing. The first line of the song was inspired by my nephew, Milo, “I will not grow into a tree, I will not follow anyone who follows me” heh I like to rhyme. In this not-so-new-anymore world of immediacy and yet distance I feel like I’m making my first foray.

Who is Kev Feazey? An agent of unknown sound? A mild-mannered reporter with evenings spent battling the forces of darkness? The default for many a modern curious mind seems to be Google which yielded first a facebook page….hm that’s a little intimate then about 3 lines down twitter (kevinfeazey) hm how does twitter work? yeah yeah I’m a lunkhead I’ll get around to figuring it out. Then ahhhh a www dot, I get that. audio engineer, producer, musician etc. He plays (bass) in two bands, The Fierce and The Dead and The Murder Barn. Two more branches… and He started playing guitar at 14, recording on a 4track his own compositions then moved on to recording bands, decided to become an audio engineer, went to University, started Pinna Studios in Old Street, London. Wow, cool, a whole world away…I’ve been to Italy and Mexico but never London. Kevin moved on from there to do freelance producer/engineer work in East London in 2010. He’s worked with a ton of bands in varying capacities. Some I recognize…The Pogues, The Go Team, The Duke Spirit, Lydia Lunch…I’m intrigued. What will Kevin Feazey do with ‘Budge’? James is more tech savvy than I am and happened to notice that Kevin tweeted recently something about his wedding this past week!!! So we wish Kevin James Feazey and his betrothed a happy healthy union and cheers!


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